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Crisis on Campus at COD

Adrianna Weingold

Crisis on Campus at COD

CREATED Aug. 31, 2011

A crisis on campus over at college of the desert. Only 2 days into classes and complaints are flying. Hundreds not getting into any classes at all.

Show up and hope for the best, that's what students at college of the desert are doing to get the classes they need

"the classes are all filled so we're just crashing every class," said student layla shapiro 

Big cutbacks from the state are hitting hard. 300 classes had to be dropped from the schedule. Now nearly every class is full. Students forced to crash.Their only hope is winning one of the rare spots on the waitlist.

 "If there are too many people they'll tell you write your name on a piece of paper throw it in a hat and if your name doesn't get picked you dont get the add code," said student Ron Russell.

"Hardly anybody i know is making it i started at 8 am and no body's letting anybody in so there's, people are starting to give up," said student Robert Rojas.

Giving up, With no classes at all. College officials tell me one thousand students got absolutely nothing. Not even one class.

"It goes against every belief I have as an educator," said VP of Academics Farley Herzek.

Budget cuts coming at the worst time. With the job market tight. And so many students  desperate to get in. Officials say they're expecting more budget cuts mid-year, but they said they're going to try to keep the same number of classes for the spring semester.