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Back to School at Saul Martinez Elementary

Adrianna Weingold

Back to School at Saul Martinez Elementary

CREATED Aug. 24, 2011

It was a breath of fresh air for students and teachers at " Saul Martinez Elementary School" Wednesday as a new school year started with cleaner air...

"I haven't noticed anything i asked a few other teachers who seemed like they noticed it more last year and they said the same thing that the air is clean and its nice to be back," Fifth grade teacher Ethan Lubin said.

Ethan lubin teaches fifth grade at saul martinez....last year students and teachers fell ill from a mysterious and noxious odor

"It had a pretty strong effect on some staff members and students as well," Lubin said.

The Environmental Protection Agency says the odor was coming from western environmental, a recycling park just blocks from the elementary school

The EPA had Western Environnmental clean up their facililty to eleviate the smell and make the air cleaner for the residents of mecca

But parents like Elena Hernandez say the smell hasn't gone away completely

"Well around the school it doesn't really small different from anywhere else but when you come into the actual town there is some kind of odor that you don't know where it's coming from," Hernandez said.

Her son just started kindergarden at saul martinez and she's worried he could be in danger from chemicals in the air

"I've heard that a lot of people got sick so it did make me wonder if having him in this school or the area was going to cause any problems," Hernandez said.
Superintendent adams says the district is working with state and local agencies to make sure western environmental continues to clean up their act.

"Our staff, our students, our community are still very concerned about this so for the first time we're going to be involved in those communications," Superintendent Adams said.