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Palm Desert police use decoy to catch adults selling alcohol to minors

Jaffa King

Palm Desert police use decoy to catch adults selling alcohol to minors

CREATED Jul. 29, 2011

PALM DESERT, Calif. -- Two adults were cited in a Palm Desert sting operation targeting the sale of alcohol to underage customers.

Palm Desert police officers and a 18-year-old decoy went to six locations and tried to purchase alcohol Thursday night.

The officers and decoy went to six locations to conduct compliance checks. The decoy was in possession of a valid identification card, showing the decoy's true age of 18 years and provided that ID to the establishment when requested. Two Palm Desert businesses sold alcohol to the decoy.

The locations are listed below:

  • Schmidy's Tavern- 72286 Highway 111, Palm Desert
  • 19th Hole- 42305 Washington Street, Palm Desert

The employees who sold the alcohol products were identified as Trudi Edwards, age 53 of Palm Desert, and Kimberly Mader, age 26 of La Quinta. Both were issued citations for furnishing alcohol to a minor. In addition to criminal charges, each retail establishment may face administrative penalties through the Alcohol Beverage and Control Board.

Police are telling citizens if they observe juveniles purchasing tobacco or alcohol, they are encouraged to call the Palm Desert Police Department's non-emergency number (760) 836-3215 and report the incident.