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Where is Casey Anthony?

Angela Monroe

Where is Casey Anthony?

CREATED Jul. 18, 2011

Where in the world is Casey Anthony?
It is a question many are asking as the Florida mother found not guilty of killing her daughter, was released from jail.

Rumors abound... and some of those place her right here in Palm Springs.
Social media sites like Twitter are all abuzz with reports of where Casey Anthony is staying.
One rumor places her on a secluded Palm Springs street.
"I sure hope not because it would not be to Palm Springs itself we have our own notoriety we don't need something negative falling upon us like Casey Anthony."
Melanie Gurk lives on the same road Anthony reportedly could move.
"Extremely unhappy because we live in a very private area in Palm Springs, not a lot of people know where we are, and it would be just terrible, it would be an infringement on our privacy, all of ours," says Gurk.
But the real estate broker in charge of the property says Casey Anthony has not rented this condo.
Another rumor places her at the Palm Springs Airport sunday night.  But airport officials say they don't know anything about that.
The rumors of Casey Anthony's location are numerous, one of those rumors says she will be staying here here at the famous Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate.
"I've been around a long time and you get all sorts of weird rumors and nothing surprises me anymore."
Imogene Matthews says it's possible Anthony could be in Palm Springs.
"I'd hate to run into her on the street, but what are you going to do, people can go where the want to," says Matthews.
But would Casey Anthony really take up residence in the desert?  Some people say maybe.
"May be very likely because a lot of stars and infamous and famous alike come out here to get some down time as far as not being recognized and things like that so, this may be one of her options, who knows," says Palm Springs resident Steve Baxley
For now, who knows Casey Anthony's real whereabouts...