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VIRAL: Impromptu jam session joins three strangers on Dallas sidewalk


VIRAL: Impromptu jam session joins three strangers on Dallas sidewalk

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED May 18, 2014

A Dallas man was walking to his local market recently when he heard live street music. It sounded good enough to him to pull out his cell phone and press record. His video has now gone viral.


"I was walking to Kroger and saw this guy playing a song. It sounded good so I decided to record it. By the end of the song three guys started jamming," explains Jaime Tatos Madonado on his Facebook page. "This truly is music in its simplest form. It really reminds of the Austin days. Enjoy."

Watch above as one busker is free-styling on an acoustic guitar while Madonado films. Then, another man enters the screen in a Philadelphia Sixers jersey and slowly eases into an accompaniment. A third man walks up to the scene in a traffic vest and ends up spitting a rap into the mix. All three strangers join together organically with an unbelievable harmony. 


Maldonado later found the busker on Facebook, and has since identified the lead musician as Jesse Rya.

"Thanx everyone! This is awesome guys, if this is the start of something big -- I hope it stays about the power music can have on the soul. this is an example of how easy it should be for us to communicate," Rya wrote on Maldonado's Facebook page.

The original Facebook video has since been copied and posted on YouTube. There are numerous versions of it now, however, one video alone has only been live for less than a day and has almost reached one million views.


Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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A city girl gone country, Julianne Cassidy is a newly Nashville-based entertainment journalist from Philadelphia.