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Teen holds breath in tunnel, causes three-vehicle crash

Julianne Cassidy

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Teen holds breath in tunnel, causes three-vehicle crash

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED May 27, 2014

A teenage driver caused a three-vehicle accident on U.S. 26 near Manning, Ore., on Sunday after holding his breath before entering a tunnel. This superstitious stunt caused driver Daniel J. Calhoon, 19, to faint while driving and cross the centerline. 

"The Camry collided head-on with an eastbound 2013 Ford Explorer. Both vehicles then smashed into the interior tunnel walls and a third vehicle, a 1999 GMC pickup, hit the Camry," reports The Oregonian. Four people were injured in total including Calhoon's passenger, Bradley Meyring, 19, who is listed in serious condition.

Calhoon of Snohomish, Wash., was cited for "reckless driving, recklessly endangering three other people and assault," further reports The Oregonian. The accident closed the tunnel for two hours.

A child's game, holding one's breath in a tunnel is thought to bring luck.