Mother and 4-year-old daughter create designer gowns from paper


Mother and 4-year-old daughter create designer gowns from paper

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Feb 27, 2014

Mayhem Keiser, 4, and her photographer mother, Angie Keiser, are taking runway and red carpet looks and recreating them with paper.

Mayhem is not allowed to use scissors, but she selects the colored paper and dictates the designs. “It has been a lot of fun to watch. She has learned that when you put the pieces flat next to each other, they won’t work. [She knows that] to fit around your waist, you have to lay it at an angle,” Keiser tells "Today." “She could lay out construction paper right now and tape it all together into a dress. She knows how many pieces she needs for a top and bottom.”

By the looks of this nine month daily project on Instagram, Mayhem has a lot of different styles to choose, from Disney-inspired to the Grammy. However, one of her favorites is the "Best Dressed" red-caped stunner actress Lupita Nyongo'o wore to the Golden Globes. Keiser said it only took 10 minutes to recreate.

Fashionistas can follow "Fashion by Mayhem" on Instagram, where Mayhem and Keiser are open to suggestions. Keiser is currently making the transition from her personal page to Mayhem's very own account. In addition, Keiser posts descriptions and tutorials on her blog