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MUST WATCH: Hungarian singer's video demonstrates power of retouching

MUST WATCH: Hungarian singer's video demonstrates power of retouching

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jan 22, 2014

Most of us realize by now that photographs of models and celebrities that we see in magazines are usually heavily retouched. But did you know that they do it in music videos too?

Hungarian singer/songwriter Boggie has released a video to show the impact of digital retouching. In the video, Boggie sings her song "Nouveau Parfum."

The clip, which was released in December, shows the singer in the beginning without any makeup. By the end, she is in full makeup and her hairstyle has been changed.

This isn't the first such video to be released. GobalDemocracy.com released a 36-second clip in October that showed a relatively average-looking girl transformed into a total bombshell. And earlier this month, before and after photographs of Vogue magazine's model Lena Dunham demonstrated the power of Photoshop.

Some companies seem to be realizing that a large portion of their customers prefer to see more realistic advertisements.

Aerie's campaign for Spring 2014 is featuring models who have not been airbrushed into perfection. Aerie is American Eagle's lingerie store.



Joyce Lupiani

Joyce Lupiani

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Joyce Lupiani, who is based in Las Vegas at KTNV-TV Channel 13, is a contributor to NowTrending.com.