MH370 families want answers, will pay $5 million for them

A family member cries as she and other relatives pray during a candlelight vigil for passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in Beijing Photo: Image by Thomas White Reuters

MH370 families want answers, will pay $5 million for them

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jun 8, 2014

After three months, and feeling no closer to the truth, the families of MH370 victims are offering payment for answers to what happened to the doomed flight and its passengers. On March 8, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and its 239 passengers disappeared without a trace.

The Reward MH370 fundraiser is planned to launch on Indiegogo with hopes of raising $5 million. The crowdsourcing starter page has not yet been made live.

"This mystery is unprecedented in the history of aviation, and we need to work as a collective community with one goal of finding the truth, the plane and the passengers," fundraising project leader Ethan Hunt tells CNN. Hunt believes a "whistle blower"-type reward, using money raised through his campaign, will push someone with answers to finally speak up.

Meanwhile, the search for the missing plane is on hold. "Australia said it will negotiate with private companies to conduct the next phase of the ... underwater search, [which] is not expected to start until at least late July or August," reports CNN. "With no tangible evidence found by an underwater drone, which costs an estimated $40,000 a day to operate, search officials regrouped" after failing to locate the plane.