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Boston Beer Co. co-founder shares 'secret' to not getting drunk

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Boston Beer Co. co-founder shares 'secret' to not getting drunk

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Apr 27, 2014

Boston Beer Company's co-founder and chairman, John Koch, has revealed his method for partaking in excessive drinking, yet not getting drunk. What's his secret? Active yeast.

The man behind Sam Adams shared with Esquire that he stirs one teaspoon per beer of Fleischmann's dry yeast into yogurt prior to drinking. Koch learned this "trick" from his friend, Joseph "Dr. Joe" Owades, who worked at the Fleischmann's fermentation lab. Owades also had a PhD in biochemistry from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. 

"What Owades knew was that active dry yeast has an enzyme in it called alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH). Roughly put, ADH is able to break alcohol molecules down into their constituent parts of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen," reports Esquire. "Owades realized if you also have that enzyme in your stomach when the alcohol first hits it, the ADH will begin breaking it down before it gets into your bloodstream and, thus, your brain."

However, Koch warns, "it will mitigate – not eliminate – but mitigate the effects of alcohol," further reports Esquire.

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