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Jake of all trades: BK's Hardee awarded scholarship at BSU


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Jake of all trades: BK's Hardee awarded scholarship at BSU

By Paul Gerke. CREATED Aug 2, 2014

After three seasons as a walk-on at Boise State, former Bishop Kelly tight end Jake Hardee is now a scholarship athlete. The redshirt junior got the good news Saturday morning in a team meeting before practice.

Head coach Bryan Harsin asked Hardee: "The NCAA allows a football program 85 of what?"

Hardee responded correctly with "Scholarships," as a PowerPoint slide congratulating Hardee flashed behind him on the wall.

"I saw the question and then you know, I answered it and kind of looked around and looked up on the board and saw "Congratulations, Jake Hardee.' Then all my friends in the seats were all going crazy, so I was pretty happy," recollected Hardee.

"That was my goal from the beginning, when I was offered the walk-on spot, I said I'm going to do everything I can to earn a scholarship. I'm just happy to go out and practice with those guys every day and be here and play for my dream school," he added.

Hardee skipped an after-practice ice bath to call his parents and share the news. He said they were emotional over the phone and happy to not have to cut a tuition check, but Hardee's teammates seem to be even more excited.

"I mean, I'm one of those guys that sits down and I don't get too hype," said nose tackle Tyler Horn. "But when he got his scholarship, I stood up and i was like 'Yeah!' I was so pumped for him."

"That's my boy. He has been my boy from day one, he is the first friend I made." beamed defensive end Beau Martin. "I can't tell you how happy I was. I jumped up, I sprinted over there and I was cheering. That guy deserves it."