Positive Parenting: How to head off sibling rivalries

Rachel Garceau

Positive Parenting: How to head off sibling rivalries

CREATED Jul. 17, 2013

On this edition of Positive Parenting, Robyn Greene looked into the best tried-and-true ways for dealing with that love-hate relationship between siblings.

First up, practice what you preach. Your children are always watching you, so if they're shouting at each other, don't shout back. Show them first-hand how to be kind to one another and talk through their disagreements.

Second, and it's a big one -- "Mom, that's not fair!" Unfortunately, you'll have plenty of times to explain to each of your kids why life isn't fair, and why one sibling may need new shoes now, while another may need new shoes later... and that's okay.

Also, all those matching outfits are cute for pictures, but be sure you're supporting their individuality. Every kid should have some private time. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, right? And how about those siblings with a bigger age gap? Several experts out there tell parents to never put the older child in charge of the younger ones. Yes, they can look out for one another, but siblings should be friends first.

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