Idaho Botanical Garden lets you take a stroll with the scarecrows

Spencer Blake

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Idaho Botanical Garden lets you take a stroll with the scarecrows

CREATED Oct. 3, 2013

Autumn has arrived, and that means scarecrows have popped up all over at the Idaho Botanical Garden as part of the garden's annual Scarecrow Stroll. It's a unique event that celebrates the creative spirit of the Boise area.. So Good Morning Idaho went ut and about at the garden to give you a look.

From what we can tell, these aren't your typical scarecrows.

"We try to think out of the box here at the Botanical Garden, and scarecrows here are themed, so this year our theme is animals," Executive Director of the garden Julia Rundberg said.

From cobras to pigs to monkeys, these inventive creations are sprinkled all throughout the Botanical Garden.  Rundberg says the event was created as an extra incentive to get people into the garden during the fall. This year's 26 scarecrows were all designed, built, and donated by people right here in the valley. 

"Well here at the Garden we like to be a place to bring people in, and let them be a part of what we do and who we are,  so we've opened this up as a contest to anyone in the community. So families, individuals, schools, preschools, companies, businesses, all are welcome and have stepped forward to build scarecrows," Rundberg said.

You can be a contest judge; as you stroll through the scarecrows, make sure to mark your favorites on the map. You get to vote at the end, and the winning scarecrow wins the glass pumpkin from Boise Art Glass.

The scarecrows will be on display in the garden from now through October 18th.  There's no extra cost to go on the scarecrow stroll; they're included with your regular price of admission.