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The Color Run coats the streets of Boise with a kaleidoscope of colors


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

The Color Run coats the streets of Boise with a kaleidoscope of colors

By Tammy Scardino. CREATED Aug 23, 2014

One of the largest event series in the nation made a stop in Boise Saturday.

The Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour was thought up with people who aren't afraid to get dirty in mind.

"Get your color running buns out of here," said the announcer.

Wearing white t-shirts and head bands, runners of all ages were released from the starting line at Parkcenter Park in intervals.

"We're excited for a morning run to get out there and just have some fun, be around a bunch of people and...,” said Marcy Jess, a Meridian resident. Her sister, Summer Whitmore, added: “Whoo hoo!"

This is a first for the sisters. Whitmore traveled to Idaho from Nevada to take part in the color fest.

And, they had certain colors in mind.

“Bring on the pink" Jess said. “Green!” Whitmore said.

The runners followed the course, and, along the way different color stations were set up armed with volunteers who doused them with the color. The chalk-like substance is a mixture of corn starch and food coloring.

"It doesn't permanently stain, but, sometimes the hair… it's hard to get out,” said Madison Grunzke, a volunteer. “But, that's just because I'm a blondy. But, other than that you can get it out."

In 2014, The Color Run is propelling itself into becoming one of the largest event series in history by hosting 5-k runs in more than 50-plus countries and 240 cities, worldwide.

All of the proceeds from this kaleidoscope of color will go to the local girl scouts organization.

"It's just so much fun,” Grunzke said. “This environment is awesome, I love all the people and the color is just so much fun to throw. It's an awesome experience."