Socialization key to puppy behavior development


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

Socialization key to puppy behavior development

By Spencer Blake. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

 Dog trainer Jim Closson of Sit Means Sit has a new addition to his family -- a Belgian Malinois puppy that's only about 8 weeks old.  Pistol is in the stage of life where socialization becomes important for her behavior later in life.  Getting a dog accustomed to new people, places, sounds, and smells is important to their development starting at about 6 weeks of age.

Closson says too many people decide not to take their dog out in public until all their vaccinations are complete.  By the time a dog is done with vaccinations, Closson says, he'll be old enough that he'll have missed out on the prime age range for socialization.  However, when you do take your unvaccinated dog out, you probably want to avoid the dog park, or at least take precautions wherever you go.

Watch the video for full details from Closson.