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Sheriff revokes gun permit of state legislator after previous rape allegations


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

Sheriff revokes gun permit of state legislator after previous rape allegations

By Jake Melder. CREATED Nov 10, 2013

An Idaho representative and the Ada County Sheriff are at odds over his weapons permit - all because of rape allegations dating back to the 1970s.

Representative Mark Patterson (R-Boise) released a statement saying the story on the front page of the Idaho Statesman contained "sleazy allegations" and he calls the whole affair "nasty politics."

It all starts with a rape case in 1974. A Florida woman accused the then 21-year-old Patterson of taking her to his apartment and raping her twice.

Patterson pleaded guilty to the charge of assault with the intent to rape. A judge withheld judgment and gave Patterson five years probation.

In Patterson's press release he says he never had sex with the Florida woman but in his own testimony in 1974 he says they performed sexual acts and "she did not resist him at any point."

Patterson also told Popkey he had no memory of this time of his life as a result of chemotherapy treatment he received in 2003.

On the application for concealed carry, a question is asked if the applicant has ever had a withheld judgment for a criminal offense that would disqualify the applicant.

Idaho Statesman reporter Dan Popkey says Patterson claims Ada County Sheriff Raney is playing politics.

"Representative Patterson is saying the sheriff is engaging in payback for his very strong opposition to a bill of Patterson’s guns right bill," said Popkey.

Raney says Patterson failed to include his withheld judgment in his application, so the sheriff could revoke the concealed carry permit.

In his statement, Patterson says he does not believe he should "…disclose that sordid incident as it was vacated by the judge."

He also claims to have "…a tape recorded confession by the woman making the charge which established that she had fabricated the incident."

On Your Side went to Representative Patterson's home today to hear his side of the story. There were people inside but no one opened the door to talk.

In Patterson's statement he says this "incident proves our worst fears of the government's desire to strip us of our second amendment rights."

On Your Side has made multiple attempts to contact Patterson. He has not responded to them.