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Officers search for man who fled traffic stop, drove through fence at Gowen Field

Officers search for man who fled traffic stop, drove through fence at Gowen Field

By Marie F. Estrada. CREATED Jul 6, 2014

BOISE - The area near West Orchard and South Dorman Streets in Boise are now a search area after the driver of a blue 1992 Chevy pick-up truck fled two traffic stops, attempted to side-swipe a police vehicle and drove through a fence at Gowen Field.

The man has not yet been identified.

BPD, Boise Airport Operations and members of the Idaho National Guard are working together to search for the suspect - who drove his truck through a fence onto Gowen Field military base after fleeing the traffic stops.

At this time, the search has required the Idaho Humane Society to remain on lockdown.

What Happened:

At 11:15 a.m. a Boise police officer on patrol attempted to stop the driver near the intersection of West Franklin Rd. and South Orchard St. The driver failed to pull over and drove off at a high speed.

Due to safety concerns, the officer followed briefly and then discontinued pursuit. Other officers in the area were notified and were on watch for the pick-up.

At approximately 11:20 a.m., officers spotted the pick-up near Orchard Street and Interstate 84. Again the driver fled. Again, due to busy traffic conditions and officers concerns for public safety, the suspect vehicle was not pursued.

After police spotted the supect a third time at 11:25 a.m., on South Orchard St. near Dorman, the driver of the pick-up attempted to ram the side of the patrol car and drove off through the fence on the western perimiter of Gowen Field.

Officers said they saw the vehicle spin several times before the driver abandoned the pick-u and ran.

"We have to consider this suspect very dangerous considering his willingness to jeopardize innocent citizens on the roads, attempt to ram a police car and crash through the fence of a military base," said Captain Eugene Smith of the Boise Police Department.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Boise Police through dispatch:  208-377-6790.