Mormon crickets descend into Oneida County -
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Mormon crickets descend into Oneida County

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Mormon crickets descend into Oneida County

By Associated Press. CREATED Jul 7, 2014

BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Agriculture officials say Mormon crickets are moving through Oneida County in southeastern Idaho and causing damage to valuable farm crops.

The Idaho State Journal reported that U.S. Department of Agriculture says Mormon crickets have been reported near the Elkhorn Mountains, Malad Range, Pleasantview Hills and Samaria Mountain.

The department says landowners are already reporting damage to their pastures.

Mormon crickets are known to cause damage to crops and rangeland if they break out in large swarms. The insect, related to grasshopper, doesn't fly but can migrate great distances.

Officials say they are working to control an outbreak this year. However, they also noted that the insects have already laid eggs throughout western Idaho and could cause mass damage for next year's crops.