Labor Day picnic in the park


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

Labor Day picnic in the park

By Karen Lehr. CREATED Sep 1, 2014

Hundreds of people were expected to stop by Municipal Park to celebrate Labor Day with the Boise Central Labor Council Monday.

A line quickly formed at the BBQ where volunteers dished up classic American picnic fare for union leaders, policy makers and working families.

The Boise Central Labor Trades and Council is working to support the Idaho workforce by promoting a raise in the state’s minimum wage.

Leland Heinbach with the Boise Central Trades and Labor Council explained, “We're working on getting that brought up to a level that you could actually survive. We're not asking for a family of six to survive on minimum wage, but a new family should be able to survive on minimum wage. A single person should definitely be able to survive on minimum wage."

BBQ-goers helped donated canned goods and cash to help restock the Labor Council's union food pantry.