Idaho National Guard employees head back to work

Karen Lehr

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Idaho National Guard employees head back to work

CREATED Oct. 6, 2013

Hundreds of Idaho National Guard employees are relieved to find out they can return to work this week after being placed on mandatory furloughs.

"It doesn't mean that the government shutdown is over, but as far as the Idaho Military Division and the Idaho National Guard goes, it is,” Colonel Tim Marsano said. "Most of our folks are going to be having their first day of work on Tuesday, some on Monday, so we're really trying to get the word out."

Joe Ritchey and his wife both work full-time with the Idaho National Guard and were placed on furloughs last week. They were forced to sign up for unemployment to help support their family of six.

"[The kids] don't understand, so when they want to go out and do something, you know go get a pizza that night, you kind of  you can't really explain to them that you don’t have the financial means to do that right now," Ritchey said.

Joe and his wife were both notified today they will be going back to work on Tuesday.

The Idaho National Guard employs 1,700 people full-time, 850 of those were placed on mandatory furloughs.

"We're really looking forward to being able to bring those back,” Marsano said. “We've missed our co-workers and we're looking forward to having them back."