Elk hits officer in ear during West Boise visit

Elk hits officer in ear during West Boise visit

By On Your Side Newsroom. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

Boise Police worked with Idaho Fish and Game over the weekend to capture and relocate an elk from a West Boise neighborhood.

The elk was originally relocated from Garden City to Horseshoe Bend only two weeks ago, but ventured back into Boise to search for food.

Officers found the elk munching on apples from a tree on a small vacant lot at North Maple Grove and West McMillan.

Fish and Game sedated the animal but as officers were loading the animal into the trailer, the elk swung its head into a Boise Police officer causing some broken equipment and hurting the officer’s ear. The officer was taken to a hospital, treated and released.

This time, Fish and Game officers say they plan to take the elk to a more remote location.