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Community helps Boise Police with human trafficking


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

Community helps Boise Police with human trafficking

By J Bates. CREATED Mar 2, 2014

 BOISE – Boise Police have recognized a growing problem of human trafficking in the area. They are working with community groups to help free women from modern slavery.

 “Bottom line is, what choice do we have,” asks Det. Mike Miraglia of the Boise Police Gang Unit.  “To rescue a human being from modern day slavery is worth the challenge.”

“A lot of people don’t want to admit that it happens,” says Stacey King co-founder of the Ivy Movement, a non-profit group giving women a way out.  “It’s kind of outside our comprehension how big the issue is in our safe City of Boise.”

Merikay Jost of Idaho Human Trafficking Awareness says indicators like not having any identification or knowledge of nearby businesses like grocery stores can be an indicator of someone being held in this lifestyle.

“There are a myriad of indicators, whether you are looking at sex-trafficking or labor trafficking,” says Jost.  “We have victims actually walking and living among us.”