Canyon Co. Animal Shelter responds to allegations of neglect and misconduct


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

Canyon Co. Animal Shelter responds to allegations of neglect and misconduct

By Chris Oswalt. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

The Canyon County Animal Shelter is responding to serious allegations of misconduct and neglect of animals. The accusations were laid out in a letter by the “Canyon County Animal Shelter Allies”.

Among the allegations, “animals are not being given sufficient amounts of exercise, inadequate staffing to get dogs out of the kennels between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. and animals are disappearing or not showing up on intake records”. The shelter denies all of them.

"This shelter is a top notch quality shelter and that we have the animals as healthy as possible and that is our goal to continue and to maintain a quality shelter, we're going to make sure that our staff is trained," Brenda Cameron, the shelter’s board president told On Your Side reporter Chris Oswalt.

Allegations outlined in the letter also include several open kennels in the adoption room, while many animals remain in holding. While in the shelter, Oswalt counted 40 of 68 kennels being empty and just under a dozen dogs in holding.

"When you talk about holding, and I don't know about the county, they held the dogs for five days. We determine as a board the least amount of time an animal is in the shelter, the better," Cameron said.

The letter also made claims animals are being euthanized with little or no assessment. The shelter says that is not true and provided Oswalt with documents that show the number of and reason for euthanizing an animal.

The ally group has given the shelter until Wednesday to reply before seeking further action. Oswalt reached out to the group and has yet to hear back.