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Caldwell man finds $1,000,000 winning Powerball ticket on his coffee table

Photo: Image by Idaho Lottery

Caldwell man finds $1,000,000 winning Powerball ticket on his coffee table

By On Your Side Newsroom. CREATED Mar 26, 2014

For eleven years, Harvey Costlow of Nampa has been visiting the Stinker Store on the corner of Ustick Road and Cleveland Blvd. in Caldwell to buy his Lottery tickets.

On February 12, during a big Powerball jackpot run, Costlow visited his regular store, picked up his cigarettes and got a few Powerball tickets. That night, his ticket won $1,000,000 -- but Costlow was unaware he was holding the big winner.

“I keep the tickets on a coffee table I have in the garage,” Costlow admitted.“They’ve been sitting there since February. I knew I needed to check them, but just hadn’t gotten to it.”

Late Tuesday afternoon, Costlow took those tickets that had been lying around back to the Stinker Store to be checked.

“When they scanned it, the machine made a different sound than usual and they told me I was the big winner they’d been looking for!” Costlow, a retired law enforcement officer, exclaimed. “I went home and told my wife. She didn’t believe me. But then said it was good she hadn’t cleaned up my coffee table and threw my tickets away!”

On Wednesday, Costlow visited the Idaho Lottery offices in Boise to claim his $1,000,000 prize. He and his wife are evaluating their options for their winnings.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Stinker Stores receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.

“We’re already millionaires,” added Virginia, Costlow’s wife of 53 years. “We’ve been blessed with a great life.”

“Besides, somebody has to win, but if you don’t play, you can’t win,” said Costlow.