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Bothersome beetle making itself known in Treasure Valley


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

Bothersome beetle making itself known in Treasure Valley

By Chris Oswalt. CREATED Aug 6, 2014

A large beetle not usually seen in the Treasure Valley is making itself known. It’s called the Prionus Beetle. That’s pronounced “pray-on-us”, and it’s a good name. The beetle likes to ‘pray’ on trees that mainly produce fruit, like the cherry tree, the plum tree and the apple tree. It also likes oak trees.

Camille Meyer with Farwest Nursery in Boise says the beetle likely isn’t much of a problem this year. She tells On Your Side reporter Chris Oswalt she has only had a couple of people ask her about them this year.

The lack of inquires can be misleading. The beetle is sneaky. It can live underground for up to three years and it prefers to come out at night, normally looking for a mate.

"It is looking like it is a year the adults are emerging so the larvae have finished their life cycle. The adults are now emerging so they're now mating and laying eggs to start the next generation," Meyers says.

The Prionus beetle is also nearly impossible to get rid of. There is no chemical insecticide.

"If you see the adults, smash them and hopefully get them before they lay more eggs," Meyer suggests.