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Boone Bartlome returns home


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

Boone Bartlome returns home

By J Bates. CREATED Feb 20, 2014
Boone Bartlome has taken a lot of steps since November of last year, but none were as big as the step he took today out of a car and into a crowd of family and friends at Kuna High School.
"I don't think anyone else has had such support over something like this, so it's just overwhelming," said Bartlome.
Boone found support over the last three months from teammates, classmates and opponents as he rehabilitated in a Denver hospital. Community members sold shirts, held bake sales and rallied around “#2” bringing together a community suffering not only from Boone’s tragedy but the death of Daniel Cook a month later in a Kuna bus crash.
"I've become so much closer with my family and learned so much, people really do care about me, and care for each other for that matter, ya know?" said Boone.
Hundreds of people showed up on a cold and rainy day in February to welcome home a football player that brought them together like no Friday night could. 
"It's brought a lot of camaraderie and brotherhood and sisterhood through this whole thing. It was a tragedy that's turned into something more," said Kuna Coach Lee Leslie, "That's a great kid that's coming home, and there's a big plan that going on here because there are so many people that love him and are inspired by him."