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Agencies and volunteers work to restore Grimes Creek

To expand the floodplain, an excavator removes tailing piles and prepares the site for planting trees and shrubs. Prior to removal, the mine tailings were tested for contaminants and none were found.

Agencies and volunteers work to restore Grimes Creek

By James Cramer. CREATED Jul 22, 2014

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Trout Unlimited using grant funds provided by the Idaho Department of Lands and the U.S. Forest Service have announced another restored quarter mile of Grimes Creek.

Volunteers alongside agencies, landowners, and conservation groups worked to repair the area that was heavily modified from mining in the last century.

To target the areas that needed repair, IDFG mapped priority areas and developed a plan to plant vegetation in the area.

Dredge mine tailings were modified by volunteers help increase water storage in the creek, cool temperatures in the creek essential for fish survival and reproduction, and provide the potential for new wildlife habitats.

Methodically treating stream segments, even small segments, is helping to achieve a goal of watershed-wide restoration. The Grimes Creek restoration effort is a long-term project.