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A chip off the old Blake: GMI anchor celebrates his family's story of his son's adoption


Photo: Video by IdahoOnYourSide.com

A chip off the old Blake: GMI anchor celebrates his family's story of his son's adoption

By Mike Sharp. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

 "It's always the trying and the hoping and the wanting; and then every month - the disappointment."

Spencer Blake and his wife Whitney were married three years before they finally had to come to terms with a difficult fact.

They couldn't conceive.

And it was then their road to adoption began.

"We prayed together, we talked together and after all that we both felt that assurance that yeah, this is how we're going to grow our family," Spencer says.

The road from there was not easy, being added to the adoption list and then discovering the first birth mother they were paired with didn't work out.

Then, minutes before their profile was removed from the adoption website, they found the woman who was carrying their son and things just began to fit together.

After nine months, Spencer and Whitney sat at the hospital together and met their son Mason for the first time.

"Whitney was the first one to get to hold him, other than his birth mother,” Spencer says. “We got to hold him and there we just tears all over the place in that hospital room."

"I just kept touching him and thinking he's here, I can't believe he's here,” Whitney says. “It almost took awhile for it to kind of sink in, because it just something that had always been out of reach."

No longer out of reach, the Blakes say they believe Mason was meant to be with them all along.

"He's not just your adopted son. He's your son. He's my son and that's how it is," says Spencer.

"I don't think of him as my son with a qualifier,” says Whitney. “He's my son. I just love him."

Mason is now 19 months old and the Blakes say they credit adoption with bringing their family together.

And they credit the bumpy road to where they are now with helping them appreciate what they have.

"The trials made it that much sweeter," says Whitney.