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UPDATED PHOTOS: Twin Falls police looking for bank robber

UPDATED PHOTOS: Twin Falls police looking for bank robber

By James Cramer. CREATED Jul 9, 2013

Twin Falls Police responded to a silent alarm from Zions Bank located on 1863 Blue Lakes Blvd North located in the city of Twin Falls.

Officers were informed from employees that a male entered the building and calmly displayed what the bank teller believed was a handgun, and instructed the teller to hand over money.

The suspect was wearing light green shorts, a yellow long-sleeve shirt, and a black baseball cap with a yellow brim. He was described at six feet tall, medium build with brownish hair, and an unshaven face.

The suspect left the area with a red motorcycle headed northbound on Blue Lakes Blvd toward the Perrine Bridge.

Police were able to locate the motorcycle at the Twin Falls Visitor Center roughly a half mile away from the bank that matched the description of the suspect’s bike.

Witnesses told police that the suspect left the red motorcycle and entered a blue pickup which drove away from the visitor’s center.

Any information about the robbery should be reported to police at 208-735-4357.