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Parents work to stop North Star Charter School from losing charter

Parents work to stop North Star Charter School from losing charter

By Mike Sharp. CREATED Jun 26, 2013

"To be somewhere else and not there, that hurts as a parent."

Lia Beutler says she doesn't want her daughter to have to spend her senior year anywhere other than North Star Charter School.

"It just seems like all these charter schools are just being kicked out of the wayside. Nobody wants these small schools. What they don't understand is that these kids have such a good education,” Beutler says.

She isn't alone, either, as news spreads that Meridian School District voted on Tuesday to revoke the charter for the school.

North Star is dealing with an $850,000 debt and a 9.75 percent interest rate on its bonds.

"It's a phenomenal education,” says Debbie Coutts, the mother of another North Star Charter School student. “Are there financial problems? Yes, there have been."

Coutts says she doesn't think the bonds are the problem. Instead, she thinks there needs to be a stronger desire from the district to keep the school around.

"The people who hold the bonds want to see North Star continue as much as the parents and students want to see North Star to continue,” she says. “What we need is the Meridian School District to partner with us."

Parents will have a chance to make that case. The charter school has 30 days to respond to the vote and can then appeal to the State Board of Education.

Coutts says she's confident they'll find a way to keep the doors open.

"This isn't a done deal and it shouldn't be. We should not let schools that are producing quality citizens -we should not let that fall," she says.

Coutts says she's already had conversations with school leaders and the effort to keep the 900 students from having to find other schools is already under way.