Deer Flat Refuge introduces Osprey Cam

Deer Flat Refuge introduces Osprey Cam

By Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED May 2, 2012

A pair of osprey nesting on a platform near the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center at Lake Lowell has started incubating their eggs.

Osprey, sometimes called fish hawks, typically lay two or three eggs. Last year, the pair fledged three chicks from the same nest. The female will be doing most of the incubating this month, with the male bringing her meals of fish. Chicks are expected to hatch in early June.

The osprey can be viewed through the Friends of Deer Flat Osprey-Cam.

The osprey can also be seen from the Refuge Visitor Center viewing room or the nearby Nature Trail.

Additional information and refuge maps are at www.fws.gov/deerflat.