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Cause of four-alarm fire ruled: 'undetermined'

The cause of Wednesday's four-alarm fire has been ruled 'undetermined." The fire burned burned into early Thanksgiving morning, and has destroyed at least 5 store-fronts, and the estimated total loss is over $1 million.

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Make the holiday brighter by fulfilling simple gift wishes

As you plan out your budget for the items on your Christmas wish list this month, why not help out other members of our community at the same time?

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Boise family honors UPS driver who put out fire

The Forbes family tends to do a lot of online shopping. So they are familiar with their UPS driver who often stops by multiple times a week. A stop last week was a little out of the ordinary.

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Former mayoral candidate's Thanksgiving tradition boosts homeless moral

For one former Boise restaurant owner, the Thanksgiving holiday is all about service.

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WATCH: Bizarre footage shows lamb chop orbiting Earth

A group of friends launched a lamp chop into space, in an effort to promote a new book titled "Meatspace."

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