• 31 minutes ago Video Bronco Football

On Your Sidelines: Broncos Season Recap

Alook back at how the 2014 Broncos weathered a tumultuous season and earned a spot in a New Year's Bowl game.

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  • 33 minutes ago Video Bronco Football

On Your Sidelines: Fiesta Bowl Coverage Begins

The Boise State football team is in Arizona to take on the Wildcats in the Vizio Fiesta Bowl.

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  • 1 hour ago Video News

Paralympic hopeful poised to depart for Austria hosts one last fundraiser

A man who turned his life around after it fell apart because of drug addiction has set a new goal for himself.

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  • 3 hours ago Local

Boise Police seek missing teen

Boise Police are searching for a missing teen who was last seen with family in an apartment complex near Cherry Lane and South Vista Avenue in Boise on Sunday morning.

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  • Weather

AirAsia plane loses contact with air traffic control; 162 on board

Cloudy weather and strong waves temporarily halted the search for Flight QZ 8501 overnight Sunday.

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