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Family wants to know who killed their beloved dog

The Ledford’s loved Sissy—a 3-year-old Chihuahua terrier mix—so when she disappeared, they searched everywhere. They believe someone is behind Sissy’s death, and want to know what happened.

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New Nampa restaurant focuses on steakburgers, custard

The guys from Freddy's Steakburgers showed off their menu options inside the Sysco Kitchen.

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Idaho Falls police search for unidentified woman

The Idaho Falls police are on the lookout for an unidentified woman that took a large amount of cash in an envelope that was accidentally dropped by another customer at the West Broadway Albertsons.

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Tools to fight cancer may already be in your refrigerator

There may not be a cure for every type of cancer yet, or a guaranteed way to guard yourself, but more and more research suggests there is a way to greatly reduce your risk and it might just be in your refrigerator.

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Judge declares mistrial, hung jury in Jodi Arias case

The judge has declared a mistrial, after the jury could not reach an unanimous sentencing verdict.

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