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Nampa woman dies after running stop sign

A Nampa woman died on Wednesday evening after running a stop sign in her vehicle.

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Geothermal area where dog died is now permanently marked and buried

A Boise couple who lost their dog on July 20th of this year, after he jumped into an unmarked geothermal feature near Table Rock, has been working with the Boise Warm Springs Water District to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again.

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Idaho lawyers weigh in on same-sex marriage debate

Just over a week after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments for and against Idaho's same-sex marriage case, attorneys for both sides came together Wednesday to discuss it at the State House.

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Nampa downtown parking garage rates set

Rates at the new downtown Nampa parking garage are now set.

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Australian possible terrorist plot involved 'demonstration killing'

More than a dozen people initially detained in predawn raids on Thursday in Sydney.

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