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Making the Grade

Fox9's weekly in-depth look at education in Idaho

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Nugent critical after Idaho concert cancellation

Hear what the conservative rocker had to say

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How will fight for recreational pot use in Oregon impact Idaho?

Voters in Oregon will decide in November if marijuana should be legal for recreational use. Having come close before, the pro-marijuana movement think it’s a good bet they’ll win this time. We wanted to know how the legalization of recreational marijuana use might impact the fight in Idaho for medical marijuana. Roland Beres has the story.

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Conference opposition still respects Boise State football

"I’m not looking forward to coming to Boise this year," says San Diego State head coach Rocky Long.

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Man buried alive in 10-foot deep sand tunnel on California beach

A life was tragically lost after a 26-year-old man was buried alive in a collapsed sand tunnel that he had built with friends.

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