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Protecting your privacy

When you do a web search for your own name online, do you know what shows up?

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Whooping cough outbreak in Canyon County

Southwest District Health has said there has been three Purtussis cases in Canyon County in 2015, and it's part of an ongoing outbreak in Canyon County.

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North Idaho senator opposes Hindu prayer before meeting

An state senator from North Idaho is catching attention for speaking out against a Hindu prayer scheduled for the start of Tuesday's Senate meeting.

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99 year-old man finds joy in building models

Building a model can be hard, fitting every little piece in the right spot can be tough for anyone, but how about for a 99 year old?

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Armored truck robbed of more than $4 million in gold in N.C.

Transvalue is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of the suspects.

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