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North Idaho senator opposes Hindu prayer before meeting

An state senator from North Idaho is catching attention for speaking out against a Hindu prayer scheduled for the start of Tuesday's Senate meeting.

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State sends out first payments to schools for Internet service

The state has shipped out the first checks to Idaho schools to cover Internet costs.

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ATF considers ban of "green tip" ammo

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is considering a ban on a popular type of ammo used in AR-15 rifles.

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99 year-old man finds joy in building models

Building a model can be hard, fitting every little piece in the right spot can be tough for anyone, but how about for a 99 year old? E.J. Silver is in an assisted living home in Boise, he said he needed something to do other than stare at four walls, so he picked up some glue, some paint, and now he’s working on a B-29 model airplane. But his models won’t go on the shelf. The real joy of making his models comes later.

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