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Voters to name new baby elephant at Arizona Zoo

A baby elephant greeted her adoring fans this morning at an Arizona zoo. Online voting will determine the elephants name.

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Emergency rescue saves man who fell dozens of feet off cliff

As the sun descended below the horizon Saturday night, emergency crews received a distress call from the heart of the Snake River Birds of Prey Conservation Area.

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The "Jay Train" conducts Boise State to Homecoming win

Ajayi conducted the Broncos offense to a 34-9 win over Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday night. He rushed for 150 yards and scored three touchdowns.

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Dozens attend Voting Power Rally at Ann Morrison Park

In Canyon County, nearly half of the community is Hispanic. That's why the Latino group is encouraging them to get registered so they can head out to the polls on Nov. 4th.

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Man's car, apartment searched in missing U.Va. student case

Investigators now believe that the 18-year-old got into a car with a man.

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