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Teaming up with the Walk to End Alzheimer's

This year Idaho On Your Side is a proud sponsor of the Walk to End Alzheimers.

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  • 51 minutes ago Agriculture

Judge dismisses ag lawsuit over county planning

A southwestern Idaho judge has dismissed a lawsuit over the way Canyon County handles planning for agricultural land.

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Emergency rescue saves man who fell dozens of feet off cliff

As the sun descended below the horizon Saturday night, emergency crews received a distress call from the heart of the Snake River Birds of Prey Conservation Area.

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  • 25 minutes ago News

Idaho receives trade and export grant

The state of Idaho is getting nearly $350,000 in grant money intended to help small businesses enter the international marketplace.

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  • 3 hours ago

Three Afghan soldiers go missing on Cape Cod during training visit

The three senior-ranked officers arrived in the United States on Sept. 11, but allegedly don't pose a public threat.

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