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Nampa mom searching for answers after son vanishes

A Nampa mother is desperate for answers after her teenage son vanished into the night six years ago.

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Would you want to know in your 20s that you'll have Alzheimer's?

New data released this week goes against what doctors have theorized for years, that the protein build up that causes Alzheimer's doesn't appear in the brain until you hit 65.

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Former Idaho governors aim to stop nuclear waste shipments

Former Idaho Govs. Phil Batt and Cecil Andrus have filed a notice of their intent to sue the federal government over proposed shipments of spent commercial nuclear fuel rods to Idaho.

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Idaho bill would allow corporations to pursue social causes

An Idaho legislative panel is endorsing a plan to allow some corporations to make decisions based on social or moral causes instead of only maximizing profits.

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New York City public schools to observe two Muslim holidays

An estimated 1 million students in New York City will now observe two Muslim holidays -- Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.

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