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  • 35 minutes ago Crime

Boise man pleads guilty after attempting to have MDMA shipped to his home from Canada

A Boise man has pleaded guilty to importation of a controlled substance into the United States.

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  • 47 minutes ago Crime

Man arrested after seemingly random attack on couple in restaurant parking lot

Boise Police and Garden City Police have arrested a man accused of threatening a couple in a restaurant parking lot with a shovel handle.

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  • 1 hour ago Video Education

Governor discusses why he did not apply for federal preschool grant

Tuition-free preschool classrooms are rare in Idaho due to the Gem State’s reluctance to spend money on pre-k education.

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  • 26 minutes ago State

Idaho Falls boy on joyride crashes into church

A 12-year-old southeastern Idaho boy police say took a sport utility vehicle without the owner's consent and crashed might have ended up in a spot with improved chances of forgiveness.

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Why was the Ferguson decision held until dark?

Besides the controversial decision itself, many are questioning why the grand jury's decision in Ferguson was held until dark Monday.

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