• 37 minutes ago Video Local

Police respond to two different prowler calls on BSU campus

Boise Police responded to two different prowler calls on Boise State Campus in the early morning hours of September 19th, 2014.

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  • 24 minutes ago Video

House committee rejects spousal benefits to gay veterans, including Idaho veteran

A proposal that would have extended equal benefits, including medical care, housing and burial assistance to veterans’ same-sex spouses fell short in the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

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  • 4 hours ago Video News

Parking restrictions for parents cause upset

Both sides of birch lane there will be off limits for parking.

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  • 4 hours ago Video Local

Vigil planned for imprisoned Boise pastor in Iran

It has been two years since Boise Pastor Saeed Abedini has been held in an Iranian prison.

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  • 22 minutes ago

Police surround Pennsylvania shooting suspect, shots fired

Officials believe they have Eric Frein, who they've been tracking for days, finally cornered.

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