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Follow up: Roland Beres interviews with Borah High School teen about message to Sherri Ybarra

A Borah High School student says she plagiarized a story from the Boise Weekly to send a message to Idaho voters about newly-elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, Sherri Ybarra.

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Hoarded cats found in a van ready for adoption

Seventy malnourished cats were found hoarded in a van. Now, some are healthy enough for adoption, and the Ontario Feral Cat Project is ready to find them homes, and to say 'Thank you'.

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Cruz compares Cuba deal to Bergdahl case

Prisoners were exchanged in both cases.

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Making the Grade: Kindergarten reading scores, tiered teacher licensing

Making the Grade focuses on kindergarten reading scores and legislator's follow up on looking at how tiered licensing will work for teachers.

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WATCH: Dramatic video released of rocky American Airlines flight

Four passengers and one crew member were injured on the flight between South Korea and Dallas

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