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Marquette produces miracle shot...but did it count?

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Davante Gardner's 70-foot shot at the end of regulation against Providence - a shot that didn't count since it was after the buzzer. (Video shot by a fan.) Photo: Video by YouTube | Photo: YouTube

Marquette produces miracle shot...but did it count?

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Mar 4, 2014

Marquette's men's basketball squad may only have one possible route to getting to the NCAA tournament: winning the Big East tournament away from Milwaukee next week.

They proved Tuesday they can produce miracles...even if miracle shots don't count.

After coming back from 10 down in the final four minutes against Providence Tuesday night, Marquette's Davante Gardner nailed a 70-foot shot which would have beaten Providence...except the ball was released after the final regulation buzzer.

(Watch it in the video player, as shot by a fan watching the game.)

They battled into double overtime, where Providence held on for the win, 81-80, on a pair of free throws in the final eight seconds of the second OT.

Jay Sorgi

Jay Sorgi

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