Infant dies at home day care, owner hides 14 children in basement


Infant dies at home day care, owner hides 14 children in basement

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Mar 13, 2014

Pamela Clark Wood, 49, of South Carolina was arrested and charged with multiple counts of child endangerment after deputies reported to her residential day care for an unresponsive newborn, and found 14 more children hidden in her basement. The three-month-old baby died.

Wood was only licensed to watch six children by the Greenville County Department of Social Services. On the day of the arrest she had a total of 23 children in her home.

"When deputies got there on Feb. 21 to check on the baby, she told them there were only six children in her house, but investigators located Wood’s 16-year-old daughter hiding in a room in the lower level of the home with 14 other children, in addition to the [unsupervised] toddler they found in the yard," reports WYFF 4. "An arrest warrant said there were two [more] unattended children in a master bedroom where a loaded revolver was on a book shelf. Wood also had alcoholic beverages and cleaning fluids under the kitchen sink with no child-lock devices on the cabinets to keep the children out."

Under serious charges of child neglect, violation of day care licensing and obstructing justice, Wood was released on $11,000 bond. Additional charges may follow. Tests are pending in regards to the possibility of the newborn being exposed to unsafe sleeping conditions, resulting in her death.