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Chilean teen sells newborn on Facebook

Chilean teen sells newborn on Facebook

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jan 21, 2014

Veronica Carrera Chaparro, 18, was arrested alongside her mother Angela Chaparro, 42, and sister Daniela Perez, 24, after selling her newborn baby on Facebook.

In February 2013, Veronica realized that she was two months pregnant. According to Veronica, she was given three options from her mother and sister: "sell it, abort it or give it up for adoption."

The unborn baby was listed on Facebook for sale.

After a failed negotiation from a couple in Concepcion, a family in Puente Alto offered to pay the newborn's registration fees costing $1,870. The baby was registered by November 5, and the mother received a small sum as an additional payment.

"Judge Ernesto Silva said the case was 'very serious,'" reports the New York Daily News. "But it could prove [to be a] complex case, as under Chilean law it is not a crime to offer the delivery of a newborn over the Internet, even if financial compensation is offered."

Arrested and charged for the exchange, Veronica and Angela Chaparro, in addition to Perez, were summoned to a Santiago court on Jan. 19. The Facebook buyers followed suit the following day.