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Artist uses 64,000 chopsticks to create Jackie Chan portrait


Artist uses 64,000 chopsticks to create Jackie Chan portrait

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Apr 13, 2014

Hong Yi, a 28-year-old Malaysian artist who goes by the name Red, has created a life-size chopstick portrait of actor Jackie Chan for his 60th birthday. Yi used 64,000 chopsticks in total for her project.

"She decided upon disposable bamboo chopsticks 'to show that discarded materials can be reused and made into something meaningful and beautiful,'" Yi told the Wall Street Journal. "Ms. Hong also noted that Mr. Chan had used chopsticks in kung fu scenes in a few of his movies, such as the ‘Fearless Hyena’ and ‘Karate Kid.’ He is also a known environmental activist, she said."

It took Yi one month to collect the chopsticks and then another month to complete her project. It weighed an estimated 400 kilograms total.

“This was a hanging piece that had to be suspended with steel cables, so I had to make sure that it was structurally stable enough to carry that many chopsticks,” Yi further told the Wall Street Journal. "Beside the picture, Ms. Hong used 60 bamboo holders with wooden skewers to form the Chinese character ‘long’ (or dragon), a reference to Mr. Chan’s stage name Cheng Long."

Yi presented Mr. Chan her unbelievable artwork on April 7. Watch her create it in the video above.


Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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