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Search, seize: Police take dozens of electronics from ex-cop's home

Kevin Keen

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Search, seize: Police take dozens of electronics from ex-cop's home

CREATED May. 14, 2013
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Cameras, computers and hard drives by the dozens. Tucson police swarm the home of someone who used to be on the force, and the newly-released search warrant shows what officers were looking for and found.
U.S. Marshals arrested former TPD officer Martin Ward, 29, Friday in Prescott, Ariz. The department reported Ward is part of an online child pornography sharing investigation. He’s booked under one count of “sexual exploitation of a minor.”
According to the warrant allowing the search of Ward’s home Thursday, police connected Ward with the downloading of at least one pornographic video featuring a teenager.
The warrant lists many things officers could search and seize, including telephone bills, printers, user names and “hidden, deleted or erased data” on computers.
Detectives found and took from the southeast side home about 28 external hard drives, about 14 thumb drives, about 14 computers and about 6 digital cameras. The warrant inventory doesn’t list the contents of any of those devices.
TPD refused an interview request Tuesday, declining to answer questions about the case or about these kinds of cases in general.
An internal TPD investigation ultimately led to Ward’s termination in 2012. The department said that review is unrelated to the current case. The agency also declined an interview about that investigation.
Ward sits in Yavapai County Jail, awaiting extradition to Tucson.