Tucson's Modern Streetcar Update: Testing the lines

Valerie Cavazos

Tucson's Modern Streetcar Update: Testing the lines

CREATED Aug. 19, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- Inch by inch. Crews had the tedious task of testing the electrical lines between Helen Street and University Boulevard on Monday.

UA student Kody Pflueger is looking forward to riding the streetcar to Downtown's Enterainment and Cultural Districts. "The Rialto. Just going out to get off campus. Going downtown. The stops along the way," she said.

But to move students from the UA to Downtown, the streetcar must run smoothly and that takes strategic planning. The City of Tucson held a forum Monday night to provide information regarding proposed streetcar strategies being developed in Downtown's Enterainment and Cultural Districts.

The manager of The Hub says the owners attend every meeting and fills the staff in on the latest developments.

But at least one frustrated business owner, Jesse Penaloza of Shot in the Dark Cafe, has been losing money since construction began and says the strategy meetings are a waste of time. "They have these to keep people happy and they're not using them to really reinforce what people want.  It's just to give the idea that they're listening to what you want," he said.

But Penaloza is counting on the success of the streetcar to fill his cafe once again.

The next meeting:
Meeting 4: Western Terminus -- Mercado District and Menlo Park
Monday, August 26th 6:00 PM
Location: Public Works Building, 201 N Stone Ave., Basement Conf. Rm. C