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Powering up those with Parkinson's Disease

Corinne Hautala

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Powering up those with Parkinson's Disease

CREATED Jul. 3, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A first of its kind workout center opens in Tucson and now the effort to open more like it begins.

University of Arizona Research Professor, Becky Farley, has recently opened a gym near Stone Avenue and Ft. Lowell Road.  PWR Gym, which stands for Parkinson Wellness Recovery, was created by Farley using all the knowledge she’s gained studying Parkinson’s Disease.  

Farley believes she’s created a workout that will slow the progression of the disease.

“At the very least it helps people live longer and better,” smiled Farley.

Wesley Ulmanek said PWR Gym has made a huge difference in his mobility.

“On the treadmill I was doing 2.4, which is a low low speed,” he said, “and after working out here for a little more than a year I get up to 7 and 8 now.”

Nate McMullen told 9OYS the workouts have given him control over his disease.

“Other than being a passive participant in Parkinson's Disease," he said, "I can actively do something about it."

With the impressive improvements at PWR Gym, Farley is working on ways to spread the success to other communities.

“I'd like to train people,” she explained, “so fitness people can come here and learn and go out to Sierra Vista, Patagonia, and they can provide services for people.”

 To learn more about PWR Gym’s workout schedule or how to help the gym visit Pwr4Life.or