Local lifter with a powerful message to young athletes

Local lifter with a powerful message to young athletes

CREATED Jun. 3, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – A local athlete is proving that you can’t make it to the top without some heavy lifting.  

Jonathan Marshall, a University of Arizona graduate, is powerlifting his way to the top.  He has won four world powerlifting titles, 21 national titles and has been named the U.S. Powerlifter of the Year five times.

While he’s ranking in the tiles, he is also focused on spreading a message to young aspiring athletes.

“You can be a successful athlete without taking performance-enhancing drugs.  Lot of kids these days think to be a superstar they have to take enhancements to get there get faster stronger,” said Marshall, “We're, at Snap Fitness, trying to show them with proper nutrition and proper training you can do the exact same thing.”

Marshall promises for every trophy he and his team bring home, from this weekend’s competition, he’ll pay the way for a young athlete to go through a strength training workshop.