Warning: More baby rattlesnakes coming to Tucson

Liz Kotalik

Warning: More baby rattlesnakes coming to Tucson

CREATED Aug. 8, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A new warning from Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center said encounters with baby rattlesnakes may be happening more often, and these encounters are particularly dangerous.

Grown rattlesnakes are prone to give you a little warning before they strike; a rattle that tells you to leave them alone and get out of their face. 

But when it's July and August, it's baby rattlesnake time, and that makes things a little more complicated.

"They don't have a rattle when they're first born, so you're not gonna hear them," Augie Herbst, co-founder of Sonoran Desert Reptiles, told Nine On Your Side.
Augie and his business partner started their trade, a not-for-profit company that picks up creatures from where you do not want them and relocates them to their natural habitat.
And when it comes to a miniature version of big rattlesnakes...
"You don't see them," Herbst said, "and you don't hear them."
Scary, I know.
"Watch weeding your garden, pulling plants or anything in your front yards," Herbst warned.
And if you see one, back away slowly.
The Poison Center recommends anyone who feels a sting, pinch or bite to immediately call them at: 1-800-222-1222
For help with snake removal, you can call Sonoran Desert Reptiles at either (520) 222-3522 or (520) 869-2079