Wanted: Baby product advice

Corinne Hautala

Halo Innovations is recalling about 27,000 infant sleep sacks.

Wanted: Baby product advice

CREATED Aug. 23, 2013

Baby shopping for the first time comes with a lot of firsts.  Baby stores are filled with thousands of items and one product may come in multiple variations.  Glass baby bottles? Plastic baby bottles?  Soft baby carrier? Hard carrier? What is a first-time parent-to-be supposed to do?

I’m starting to ask nearly every parent I know, with a young child, for baby product advice.  I think when it comes to registering my husband and I will need to drag a couple helpful parents along with us.

In the midst of trying to figure out the baby items to buy, I read about a recall involving sleep sacks.  Before last weekend, I have to admit, I didn’t even know what a sleep sack was.  

The recall is for the Halo SleepSack with pink satin flowers.  The company said the petals can detach and be a choking hazard.  If you have the recalled item call Halo Innovations at 866-819-8118 for a free replacement.