Too many cats! Shelters need your help

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Too many cats! Shelters need your help

CREATED Sep. 20, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Cats line the walls and fill the cages. It's a site the Humane Society of Southern Arizona's Samantha Esquivel is used to seeing during the summer months, but not right now.

"As it gets cooler," Esquivel told Nine On Your Side, "it starts to slow down. But, we're not seeing a decline right now, we're seeing an increase, and I have absolutely no idea why."

They're so full, they can't even fit all their cats inside their main facility anymore. They're now forced to house cats in employee offices.
255 feisty felines total. 
So many, the Humane Society tells us they cannot take anymore in.
"And that's just so we can tend to the animals that we have here."
Which means lots of work for Pima Animal Care Center.
"We are definitely expecting our intake to increase quite a bit," PACC's Gallick works for Pima Animal Care and said they're not preparing to house the cats the Humane Society does not have room for.
Gallick said they've already filled two rooms with cats, and they're making way for more.
"We've made a couple changes as far as multipurpose rooms, adding cages," Gallick said.
So, what's the lesson here? One takeaway: Spay and neuter your animals.
"Over population in Southern Arizona is a problem we can no longer deny," Esquivel  said. "It's here, it's present, and we're really feeling the ripple effect of it today."
And also...
"We're definitely seeing a large population of owner surrenders," Gallick said.
So, if you want a cat, think before you pounce. But, if you decide it's right both facilities are offering awesome deals.
The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is offering adult cats for $10, kittens for $75, or two kittens for $100.
Pima Animal Care Center is offering cats for free and kittens for $25.
"If you're considering adopting, now is the time," Gallick said.
"Because this is just not typical and we really need the community to come in and give us a hand with it if they can," Esquivel told us.