Speedy CPR saves toddler

Craig Smith

Mildred Gamez CPR training all came back to her when her mother yelled for help reviving the toddler

Speedy CPR saves toddler

CREATED Jul. 15, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It is a radio call that makes even seasoned first responders shudder: a child in a pool---in a near drowning.
Seconds can make the difference between life and death and in Tucson Monday, a young woman's life saving training provided those seconds.

A woman at a house near Flowing Wells and Fort Lowell had agreed to babysit a friend's two year old boy. Police say the boy was on his own for maybe a minute.  Just that fast he was able to get into the pool and get into trouble.
The woman rushed the child to her daughter Mildred Gamez.

"She brought him to me and said, 'Do something, do something!' I saw him slightly purple and it just clicked to me to put him on the floor, start compressions and the breathing.  I saw the first time nothing was happening so I did it again."
Gamez says everything she learned years ago in high school, in a nursing assistant's class, came back to her.  Soon the toddler was crying and breathing normally.

TPD Detective Mikeal Allen says: "After just a few short seconds of doing chest compressions and giving mouth to mouth they were able to revive the child.  If it hadn't been for that we don't know what would have happened."
Detective Allen  says this close call is a lesson in keeping proper barriers around a pool, and a reminder to never look away from a child for even a second.
And it's a lesson in the value of CPR Mildred Gamez understands very well.

"I just encourage people now to take those classes.  They're so important.  Even if you don't have any kids at home.  He's not even related to me.  My brothers are okay.  It's always helpful for other people."

Tucson Police are confident the boy will be fine. 
If you're inspired to get CPR training, contacting the Red Cross is a good way to do that.