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Scientists say they can now test for Alzheimer's Disease

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Scientists say they can now test for Alzheimer's Disease

By Stella Inger. CREATED Mar 11, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -  It's estimated that as many as 5 million Americans may have Alzheimer's disease. As of now, there is no cure.

But this week, researchers from Georgetown Medical Center developed a blood test that they say can predict with greater than 90 percent accuracy if a healthy person will develop Alzheimer's disease within three years.
If confirmed, the study is the first to unveil a blood-based test for diagnosing the disease in its earlier stages.
So how does it work?
The test identifies 10 lipids, or fats, in the blood that could predict the onset.

It could be ready for use in clinical trials in a just a few years.

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