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UK store will sell gender neutral toys

Liz Kotalik

UK store will sell gender neutral toys

CREATED Dec. 23, 2013

UNITED KINGDOM (KGUN9-TV) - Marks & Spencer, a United Kingdom retailer, announced they will stop labeling toys in their stores as either "for boys" or "for girls".

The chain is the latest to push for gender neutral packaging and sales.

Marks & Spencer has labeled toys as "Boys Stuff" and, for girls,"Little Miss Arty", but they recently announced in a tweet to a customer that all of their toys will be gender neutral by Spring of next year. 

The previously-labeled toys for boys will be replaced with a simple logo, and the toys for girls will be called "Poppy and  Blue".

The change came after pressure from parents and the "Let Toys Be Toys" campaign, who had previously criticized the retailer for drawing strict dividing lines between genders.

Over a year ago, UK retailer "Harrods" opened their first gender neutral toy department.

In September, Toys "R" Us stores in the UK announced they will create signs that show boys and girls playing with the same toys, and will remove "explicit references to gender".