Phoenix in middle of record-breaking heat wave

Ina Ronquillo

Phoenix in middle of record-breaking heat wave

CREATED Feb. 16, 2014

PHOENIX (AP) - Near record-breaking temperatures are overtaking parts of Arizona through the weekend.
The National Weather Service says Phoenix hit 84 degrees Sunday, tying the record for the hottest temperature for that date.
Phoenix broke a previous record Saturday of 83 degrees with a high of 86 degrees.
Meteorologist Mark O'Malley attributes the warm temperatures to a lingering high pressure system off the California coast.
O'Malley says it will remain warm Monday with a high of 85. The record for that date is 87 degrees.
Residents of Tucson have also been feeling the heat. The city saw a record 88 degrees Saturday.  The previous high was 85.
Tucson on Sunday reached a temperature of 84 degrees. The record is 85.
Monday would also be warmer with a predicted high of 86.

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