Palo Verde unit's reactor vessel has tiny leak

Ina Ronquillo

Palo Verde unit's reactor vessel has tiny leak

CREATED Oct. 15, 2013

WINTERSBURG, Ariz. (AP) - Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station engineers are studying how to repair a tiny leak of water from the reactor vessel of one of the plant's three units.
Plant spokesman Alan Bunnell says evidence of the leak consists of residue around a pipe. That pipe is on the outside of the bottom of the reactor vessel that normally holds the unit's radioactive fuel.
Bunnell and a federal inspector say the leak was discovered during an inspection after the unit shut down Oct. 5 for refueling. And they say the situation doesn't represent a public health threat.
Bunnell says operators believe the leak resulted from a tiny crack in the welding that connects the pipe to the reactor vessel.
He says repairs could extend the scheduled 30-day outage by 30 more days.

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