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Obama and McCain: Washington's newest odd couple

Obama and McCain: Washington's newest odd couple

By Taylor Higgins . CREATED Jul 27, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) - No one knows exactly when President Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain went from bitter rivals to bipartisan partners.
There was no conciliatory phone call, no heart-to-heart talk to soothe tensions formed during the heated 2008 presidential campaign and battles on health care and national security.
Yet in recent months, an alignment on high-profile domestic issues has transformed Obama and McCain into Washington's most unexpected odd couple.
The Arizona senator is a regular visitor to the West Wing and in near-daily contact with Obama aides.
Like any good business arrangement in the nation's capital, the secret to the new Obama-McCain alliance ultimately comes down to this: Both sides believe that working together is mutually beneficial and carries little political risk.

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