No Change? No Problem! Student-made parking app debuts in Tucson

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No Change? No Problem! Student-made parking app debuts in Tucson

CREATED Sep. 5, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -Recent University of Arizona graduates, Ross Shnken and Thomas Maguire, did not have to go far to start their post-grad business venture. They found success just a block from campus in, get this, parking meters.

"We'd always have to go run out and find coins or carry around coins in the car and it was just frustrating. So, we found a way to solve that problem," Maguire told 9OYS.

"Everybody's got a smartphone now. Not as many people have coins on them," Maguire continued.

Conceptualized two years ago as part of a school project, Park Genius is a free downloadable app, allowing users to pay for metered-parking through their smartphone.

"We needed to come up with some sort of business and this is what we came up with from there," Shnken said.

Now, the City of Tucson is getting in on the fame. ParkWise, Tucson's parking agency, picked up the app as part of a three-month pilot project.

Five spots in the Downtown and University areas offer the app-alternative.

"We're pretty excited that we get to see something we created in school, now working in the City of Tucson," Shnken added.

The young entrepreneurs are one month into their Tucson trial program. Soon, they hope to adapt the app in other cities.

Currently, Park Genius is available for download on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.